Military quotes

Military Quotes
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Military Quotes

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Military Quotes.

A place where you can post military related quotes.
For example:
-Missing you
-Loss / death
-Anti war
-Pro war

A quick note for the quotes

If you see a quote saying "I miss my soldier" and your dating a coastie.
You can always remove soldier and put coastie. Or whatever branch you want.
Same thing for "Proud military wife" you can put girlfriend and so on..

Everyone is WELCOME TO JOIN.
It doesn't matter if you do or don't know anybody in the military.
Feel free to post your own quotes.
I don't know how often I'll be posting. It does take time for me to find military related quotes.

*If you want to make a banner/blinkie for community.*
-Put "Military Quotes" or "Military related quotes"
-It can be any size you want.
-Post them in a entry in the community.
As soon as I see it, I'll save it. Put it on the user info
and then delete your entry post. Tell me if you want to be credited or not.

CREDIT [ imxwithxangel ]

- I'd like all the entries to be public.
- Be nice to everyone.
- No rude comments.
You will be banned.
- Don't come here posting entries about how you hate the military.
- You MAY promote other military related communities or myspace sites.
Please DO NOT promote other communities.
- You can request quotes, just make sure you post a quote in the post.
- Please TAG your posts.

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Military websites
1.) http://www.militaryissuedgirlfriends.com/

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Other stuff

Military related Songs

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