x0deejay0x (x0deejay0x) wrote in military_quotes,

"hey hunni how you doing? i hope your doing okay! i really miss you, god i miss you everytime of the day, its been hard since you left but you know ima make it. The kids see me cry i smile yeah i fake it, babyy i cant wait til i hold you again i been really lonely but i sacrifice for my man, your my soilder an im so proud of everything that you are, your my sun & my moon no matter how far you are! Just be safe an come home soon & dont do nothin crazy, i been scared to answer the phone around here lately, i been watchin the news an i get sick to my stomach an i cant sleep at night i know thats not what you wanted but hunni i really love you && i cant wait to touch you again bc your my man your my soldier your my best friend i love you so much there aint no love quite like this sincerely yours from ur better half sealed with a kiss=)"
-soldier hard

I thought you ladies would like that. I didn't write it, it's from a rapper on myspace. I know their is incorrect spelling and so fourth. It's 3:35 AM and I'm tired and don't feel like correcting it.
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